Colorado in black – Sallinger in the name tag… Number 9, number 9, number 9,…

“It hurts at first then you get used to it…”

[Then the voice and a laugh become less audible as the steps get farther away]

Context: if you don’t read this blog then perhaps you have not noticed the * (asterisk) next to the timestamp on certain screen captures on the dentils of previous postings, these records reflect the times when i am awoken awake and seconds later *WEIRD* incidents take place outside of the perimeter of where i pitch my tent.

True incident, earlier today at the Metro in Chatelet (check the CCTV Camera between 10:50 and 11:15) a British accented person approached me, he wanted directions to Stalingrad*, on Metro stop 14 direction Olympiads… right, eh! Anyway FAST-forward to 02:33 in front of the Entrance to the hospital on Port Royal, same “Brit” got into a piss-fight with the security guard there. Coincidence, Mr. Prefect of police? Only if you share my nightmare and the exact radius of my tent. Rewind to about 14:30 at Odeon, notable thing that happened there is that i got a ticket for not having a ticket on the place where i usually sleep when it’s Cold outside. $100 euros, i was told, i didn’t look at the receipt, it’s like the fifth or sixth this week (if i could afford’em) i’d be sleeping at a Holiday Inn, eh!  

* That British accented fellow also told me he had been here “five days too long” and that he was looking for the embassy, (in Stalingrad…).

Again: whoever you are, you can only Hurt Me, when i am asleep, when you cheat, or when you put me to sleep. If i catch you i won’t be me, i promise you that. Right now Rachel Maddow i am going to rest, see what daylight hours will bring in three hours.

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