Oh, Hey Perrine… in Hawaii it’s St. Valentin’s EVE

Wadda’Ya say— Babe?… dump Darcy’s son and let’s go to… Chicago, Chicago 🎶 where 7 is ALWAYS the other bloody half of 14.

But remember now, Eye is just the messenger and i did not prepare Those GodDamned HAMBURGERS IN PARADISE for The Rachel Maddow Show, so if anybody is going to shoot the messenger, let it be that fellow with the jean shirt and the waiter coat, what? Is that fucker trying for a position at Ferdinand’s Burgers?


In Local Motion Known NEWS

De La Côte de Azur à La Costa Rica

🎹🎶🗣 Let’s go to The Hop… Oh, Baby .:. CDD5047E-FD41-43A0-ADE5-1EA1286F0A94 🐺 In HILO, Hawaii it is STILL RADIO DAYS, yeah buddy, historiCITY has a funny way of Rhyming the Hits; pg. 2, N° 2578 “C’est Arrive…” UN 12 fevREIR  —  BILL CLINTON, est acquitté dans l’affaire LINGUISTICS (1999)

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20210212

PURA VIDAgallo pinto

Eye is no doctor, but i did get ROYALLY Fucked by a French medical student at many, many—many Holiday Inn’s while in COSTA RICA; does D.A.T. count?


And in Tennessee, Senator Cohen is, “a man of few words,” but limited imagination, and WITT that in mind, Dave Chappelle wishes to remind yo’Cold honky-ass that you just made a Phalse analogy, and here is why:

Les Poids des mots, N° 294 (Stylist) A nickel for Darwin’s thoughts .:. 34BB2717-BB8C-4FD1-B7D6-7EF26903CFF2🦵🏻 Oh, Eye can’t quit you, Lindsey… but Eye has to put Led Zeppelin here.

Ask a faux–frog*… “How old is 15, really?” Bit

Now ASK a TransNacional Californiano in France about Las Ballenas del Mar de Cortés at THE GREAT BIG ART EXHIBITION… en LA JORNADA de Ayer.

N° 294… https ://mozzoviewer .publishingcenter .net #page /11

AUSSI: de cartón piedra, de Joan Manuel Serrat from pages 18-25 🦇 793C9CC3-292A-44A4-BC1F-A3779369BA75 👚 Dracula’s Daughter finds a new COFFIN to pass the Living Daylights… IT’s TROU! That Squatting Twat!

https ://www .nytimes .com /2017 /03/17/arts /television /netflix-specials-dave-chappelle-review .html

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