Radio Calling section of the Trial… told you so.

Gooooooood Evening, Charlotte!

🍌 “America, what a Country” … music played on the RADIO, so I Turned It Off… Lorem Ipsum, yada-yada-yada” — Eye did Warn you that NOFX was in effect. And just in time for President’s day.

Must be read in a Wolfman Jack 20 dollar voice.

Hello my fellow Frogs, the first caller who can tell Mí, why Charlotte is our favorite chick on the AIR will get a pair of tickets to the greatest show on the Phase of the Moon.

Caller Number Three will be the lucky fish in that tank, and Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson, are you doubling down on mimicking tonight’s 3% Waxing Crescendo on The Three Dollar Brazilian Tell-All Shock’er? Or are you just Happy To See U.S.?

And in Washington… Nicole Wallace’s fart sack zipper is stuck, and Michael Steele just kicked the Claire… that motherfucker! But he is right, i will never get a check, that’s reserved for Republicans on msnbc.

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