And starring as Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver…

Evry body wants to be a Bush all of a sudden. Accept no Coney Island Flakes!  Those Beavers have Sex with their Marmots!!!

And the Staten Island Woodchucks go: TĂş-tu-ru TĂş-ru tĂş-tĂş-ru Rhu… Now Ă–ĂĽĂŻ know how many Wood Chucks would a Woodchuck chuck if a Todd would chuck Wood.

Over at the msnbc’s The Rocketto Gang just made a move on The Rachel Glasses thugs. Willie Geist is the umpire in this Lucha Libre Catch! 🤾🏽‍♂️ ⚡️ this match is sanctioned by both the ComisiĂłn Federal d’Electricidad and it’s French Edison counterpart.

Rulhes of the Catch, néanmoins, include the official Mexican Foreign Service position on this issue, notwithstanding all apologies, first.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /culture /20210203-mexico-seeks-to-halt-paris-auction-of-pre-hispanic-artefacts

“The dispute is not with France or with the French government, but rather with an act of commercialization that should not happen, …”

Page 26:
L’un Ă©tait petit et robuste, avec un nez si Ă©patĂ© que les orifices se projetaient vers le front plutĂ´t que vers…
p. 27:
_bas comme chez les porc. L’autre, grand, maigrichon, avec des jambes des gitan… yada, yada, yada — Je les surnommai Cochonnet et Asperge.

Diego “Blackie” Hernández
Director at the Mexican National Institute of Piedra Sol Studies


In this section, the student must explain the difference between Venn Diagram rings, and those from the so-called nœud emboîte, (Dictionnaire des mathématiques, p. 292; Bouvier, George, Le Lionnais), bonus points if the student can plug a biblical quote to go with the mysteries.

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