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Hotspots!!! You can’t handle the hotspots… por ejemplo Claire, page 26 of Victus (Barcelone 1•714)… Quoi d’autre? Ah, oui! Petites oreilles, sourcils couleur brique —yada, yada, yada— Comme la majorité des rousse, ELLE était criblée des taches de rousseur. ELLE avait exactement 643; later on the programming the reason for counting these spots.

Dearest: Cerf-panthère and Chivo LuZbecki, par de fantásticas criaturas del sector Latino-en-Cluny, check it out, meat Shiva… [G]od, among other cults of Time and Dance.

Tamales de piñon en nogada recipe follows .:. E9821569-270B-4632-9D23-19D533FE9BF7 .:. But FO’ist! BFM’er TV has gone full—ZooM on the MSNBC’s punditos. That guy Etcheverry just let a GOAT loose on the panel. Charlie Sykes, that motherfucker, was the connection. Mean, while promoting a bunch of Circus Animals on the MorJo Show, John Heilemann was doing the Body Count on Law and Order.

But in all seriousness, Cerf-P, it’s been more than TWENTY minutes in Francia and i am still waiting for the JAMÓN–jam on It—Jam-Ón Jam On Jam Ón jam on it, Eye even went ahead and hired that fly-ass bitch Marianne to fly the Théorème du Sandwich au Jam–ón-it above Citroën Park… Ay Kuando Tú quieras. For the record and before tu mamá también se confunda, “Fly-ass Bitch Marianne” is the name of just another Led Zeppelin tribute band in France, and in no way or shape is it relatable to the the real Marianne, —in France.

So without further delay, François, primero we are going to put la manovich de Lev¹ to good use and, “paint [babel] with pixels”, o como dice Kamala Harris, “I eat post-production for breakfast”.

https ://pdf .20mn .fr /2021 /quotidien /20210122_PAR .pdf

Mientras eso pasa, Televisa en Francia presenta…

After the smoke break, French President Macron proposes the first French generation without a Smoke Break; Oligarchs Evry where applaud, que digo aplauden, STANDING OVATION. The whiskey–loving left immediatly hit the pavement in All Kinds of Villes en La France!!! -_•!•_- BIGotes Martinez called the band to play and La Unión no se hizo esperar, pero eso sí, CABRONES, not before a cigarette break • Thank You For Smoking. Today is World CANCER Awareness They in The France.

From the producers of Cards de House, and “Un Chivo aparté »… y La Carabina de Ambroise Reed:
Un parapluie ne fait pas l’Europe

Over on the peacock pond Willie Geist is naming his Price for the Willie Geist Project Liberal Agenda of the substantive SAUCE DE cristal, un chopo de agua, un alto surtidor que el viento arquea,… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Chapter 3
Documentary Animations Unsettled Borders
R.A. SHEEHAN (solo) _—!*!—_ 1. Border Cinema, Reimagining Identity through Aesthetics”, ed. by Hanna–Rebecca; a sub-genre of Monica–Barbera.

un árbol bien planteado mas danzante, un caminar de río que se curva, avanza, retrocede, DA UN RODEO y llega siempre:

Según La Piedra Sol, it’s 15:10 in CET and in WaWa Land it’s time for Ashley’s World (in Natchez, Missisippi).

Lorem ipsum and yada yada goes here.

https ://thehill .com /homenews /house /537263-greene-apologizes-to-gop-colleagues-and-gets-standing-ovation

Somethingsomething and then Context follows… one thing for sure is that Chris Jansen is playing the role of Becky She-Han-Solo.

And in WaWa Land… oh the irony, the Big Mormon in the Republican Party has been fed a spoon-full of his own faith. After the break the Archangel Moroni reveals from a secret room, that the Islamic State is sorry about the Q-ano-n Lady.

… And in Claire’s Kitchen, a fucken mouse ate Nicole’s piece of Cake… that little motherfucker!!! Claire needs a cat in that kitchen. Any hoot, you might not notice, you might Knot Care, but i have it on Cerf-panthère’s authority to relay to Claire McCass that Venus is all up in Aquarius, look it up, and get down on it.

un caminar tranquilo de estrella o primavera sin premura, agua que con los párpados cerrados mana todas las noches profecías, un•ánime (…) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, (…) según Octavio Paz.

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