Karma Police — Los Hilos de Sasha and the crotchless speedo de Lubezki

Horse meat and a Deer-panthére goes here:

Reminded me of that time that Homer Simpson gave “pinchie” a hot bath 🦌319876A3-755C-42A1-9DAF-87020FF91773 🐴  Does ANYBODY remember Pinchie? Because if Michael Steele (that Republican honcho) doesn’t then ROCK LOBSTER goes here 🦞 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎸🎸🎸🎸🎬

https ://old .reddit .com /r/ facepalm /comments /l4gby2 /new_york_times_already_set_for_facepalm_of_2021/

But FO’ist!!! — Can you dig it, and Ma’am… can you please pass The Grey Poupon?

In Ontario (CA) they call these culottes Chaffey High Girls, as for mí, i am nothing but a JaGuaR-do… ISSY, that’s an Anagram… And PARIS, you KNOW—that I make that cold–ass “DAME de FER” look good, period 🐆 FB19BE20-E18A-4147-A34E-7B634AF093A7 🐅 ISSY, Mary Shelley, this is just another addition of that fuck doll that i told you that EYE was going to piece to-get-her.

✍🏼 the following was written on toilette toallas de papel… courtesy of the best shopping mall in the entire universe, de Paris (Centre I – IV).

The same was said about “Mexican Tacos” by Mexicans Abroad in the 70’s – 80’s and part of the 90’s; HEIDI PRZYBYLA, of peacock fame, described the same phenomenon with her Polish roots; in other words… they were ashamed of where they came from. In those THEYS, in El-Ey, and because i wore cowboy boots i was nothing more than “a chuntaro”, and i still am MIGUEL Gleason, just like you are Chichimeca del estado de Cuernavaca en Saltillo…💋 MEXICANOS EN EL EXTRANJERO follows.

Now, Claire (in the commercial) you probably think that i am being a complete PIG with Perrine, but then you are new here, so i’ll progressively let you settle in as i do another Triple Play, check it out; because in the role of progressive Claire is of course, her doppelgänger on the weekend beat; meanwhile Claire McCaskill is on Second, and Michael Steele is at the mound… that motherfucker! He just got out of Seminary school… Mitch McConnell is at the Plate… and Cerf-panthére, Öüï is Knot sure if youse a Boy or a Girl ⚡️but you are not going to guess who is playing CATCH-er:

La más cabrona, my AUNTIE Irma… yeah Buddy!

Y como dice Schopenhauer: HUSSERL was a fag.

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s 3 pm and on playback, Rachel Glasses is out of uniform, and if you are a viewer of that Show then you know that outside of the Studio, Machel Raddow (pronounced MAY•Shell RÀ•d’Eau) must wear eye glasses least KEnt CLarkson’s secret is revealed.

Head over to page 2 for “the rest of the story” with Paul Harvey, “Good They”.

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