And in the role of Dave Chappelle: BLINKEN

Come get your Kung-Fu lessons… with las Más Cabronas.

De carton piedra… here mi out Ali Vitali, meet me at the gym… and please Jennifer López* no DANGLING parties, eh! —_*!*_— And Ali Vittalli, are you going to be the one to tell me that Mary Shelley did not create a male monster, la muy Cabrona? … well, are you?

HOLA-la_la Lindsey, what’s happening around the WO’ild?

I tell you what, i don’t know what kind of Yazz youse playing but your eyes last night matched that big Ol’ring around Selene (una CORONA, pues), and if the right moisture touches the cumulus up above the sky, where Zopilotes only dare to fly; that’s about a mile higher than any Eagle you will see a ring around the Sun, i guarantee it.

In the meantime, the President of all of the lerdos in Mexico just got the COVID-19, which goes to prove (Philippe Labro) that no Détente or Magic Charm can prevent the virus from spreading, now if the President of México only had a big Ol’aeroplane to contain himself in quarantine that would be like Chepo’s nieve on the cake.

ISSY, Michael Moore, LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE son Tres Veces Mojados… y yo soy TWICE a Laker; literally, figuratively and by my roots, Heck!!! If you count the Legend of AZTLÁN it could might kind of sort be said DAT EYE is Three Times a lagunero, DONC (key) i bet that neither of John Mill Ackerman nor Víctor Quintana Silveyra^ could weave a story that starts like that.

^ on account that Professor Quintana criticized the ability to store a lot of information on one’s noggin —on account of the information available on the inter webs— the good doctor (Ph.D. in la teología de la liberación) argued before his French, and Latin American students, the WHY FACTOR of reading as much of the General Culture, for what purpose?

— And little ol’ i responded: to challenge the erudite that sits on an IVORY TOWER, of course, profe.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/01/24 /politica /el-presidente-andres-manuel-lopez-obrador-da-positivo-a-covid/

🐰 * la del Estero, knot the one from Around the block.

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