Issy, Isis will tell you… la mejor nieve de El Mundo se hace en Lerdo

Deer, SUSANA PUBeda… David Lynch is a fag! Period, said an EXTRA!!!

Daniel told me so.

Wicked Game at The REX follows.

For the record, Milenio will not allow me to lie, the French might have invented aviation, and the French might have been the FO’ist to fly over The Atlantic, and the French might have discovered Supersonic booms, but let me tell you Perrine… that i am no stranger to the history of aeroplanos, KNOT by a long-shot… just ask Fco. Sarabia  🍧

Talent… Knot at all

Amores Perros goes here. BUT FO’ist! What pirouette do you fuckers at the ISSY FREQ’s got for MÍ? Una puta DANZA Napolitana—Fuck DAT! Let’s GO TO ROMA. That is where the FAO IS at.

FRANC.:.Maçons are a bunch of Fags, period! Some of the Lodges names have been changed to protect the Assholes.

https ://www .milenio .com /estados /coronavirus-durango-clausuran-nieve-chepo-lerdo-contingencia

And with that in mind, Jonathan Capeheart, let me knot los aretes de María Hinojosa con las arracadas de TiffAny  Cross, it’s a toon we’d like to call

 Longevity goes the Extra Mile (high club)

En Contexto for you fuckers follows… but i really don’t think that Tiffany Cross could handle the Layers and Layers that have KNOT been told.

I told you so… dijo Larry King when he was sucker punched by the haters, and that’s why Ese CABRÓN was acquitted —on the SPOT— when he went to RT, unlike John Mill Ackerman, who is nothing more than a pusillanimous prick in power. ISSY, that there is a triple PLAY IN WOR…d.

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