My Man: The King — Deer, Ashley Etienne

Told you Perrine, that if you were in KNEAD of suspenders, you should have called, period.

The biggest lesson that i learned from a man that Eye did Knot Know is:

And still to come, Las Más Cabronas.

Deer, Ashley Etienne,

Eye to eat NO! for breakfast! But really i like felines best. And I know that María Hinojosa knows the difference between, Golden Earrings and, Las Arracadas… and Oh, SNAP, MEDHI IS ON!!!

Deer, Jonathan Capeheart… i don’t think that Baby Blue Cross could handle a video from Paris 🗣 FE4E02D5-F224-4D8D-BBE5-EE07A58FFDCD 🎙Pero sí Deer-panthère on page PAUSE 12 of the Friday, January 22 edition of 20 Minutes . fr … i already told YOU fuckers that YO SOY Serrano, “head over to the footnotes (2015), that’s where all of the interesting stuff is at,” just like The Rachel Maddow Plug says in the msnbc’s peacock advertorial.

Quick programming note, gremlins once again got in the middle of our programming, BUT EXTRA EXTRA—REED ALL ABOUT it!

Deer, Perrine Storme: so yeah, my transmitter went dead and i couldn’t Frame You, ATOLL this morning, but i do want you to know that i had nothing to do with those fuckers blocking the T-line from la Porte de Versailles a la Porte de Issy. Regardless, mamacita… you look swell in Scottish fabric aussi. Rock on you sexy motherfucker.



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