Día de Reyes — Hoy no hubo Jazz

So, there’s this guy, or rather there was this Guy who for the French this guy was like Jerry Lewis, on a motorcycle. Literally.

El Error de Descartes:

What is now described as a “Dark and humiliating day” in Washington follows… as experienced from the underbelly of the McDo and the cross-section of Metro Line 4 entre Les Halles and Châtelet.


Happening now, Donald John Trump just had his Malcolm X, hospital moment. 👉🏻 The question is, will his followers go home? And if they don’t go home, will Savannah Guthrie reveal if she had time to put on a pair of pants, or if she reported on today’s events wearing her jammies and sporting a nice Men’s Warehouse jacket… you’re gonna like the way you look.

Note to editors, please be advised that just as i was getting my orange crush on (following a masturbation session with the Swiss… it’s for prostate wellness, you¹ pervs!!!) after concluding our REM tangent (The Georgia Election Coverage) which may or may have not gotten the attention of a certain Hilo resident, i stepped out of the control module/siesta shack combo only to run into my friends, the real cops stationed at the Les Halles polivalente (whatever that means) center. It was one of the most cinematic cum-shots that i have ever had the pleasure of etching  into  onto my memory bank.

1. https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-europe-55544499

Well, you’ve Heared about White Lightining… it’s not one of those, this one runs on ethanol, producto de maZorcas.

As the night develops, i will break the scene down for no particular person to read, but right now is time to shift location/shelter and move to our next plot/coordinate on the plan/map.

I don’t even know where to begin, today’s  post was supposed to be about what the French call “white charcol” but instead, two weeks before the so-called “United” States of America is supposed to go back to normal (whatever that is) is the breach of The Hill and 58 bottles of White empty Bottles of Dixie lighting on Brian Williams 11th Hour, and if I tell you that today at high-noon the French sounded the old wailing sounds of the AIR-Raids Sirens on the 5th Arrondissement for the first time since 2015 would just add salad on an already surreal lunch platter, but there is a White cornless Cob at a very Dark White house right now as I type and his name is Donald John Trump… [T]he Humanity.

Truly a “Rockridge” moment on the grounds of the most patrolled sector in the “Wide World of Sports”. So let’s head over to Hilo, Hawaii, where the 18 hundred hour is getting ready to certify the New President of The U.S. of A. INDIANA is doing the honors, at Midnight in New Youk, New York.

And in WaWa Land it is now The Midnight Hour.

“Time is a Flat Circle” in Washington as Pennsylvania and of course, MISSOURI, who just objected to Joseph R. Biden’s next four years of a Public Housing lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… the irony of time, timing and lettering is uncanny. Any how, Monsieur, Le Prefect de La Police à Parisnevermind the Raconteurs at fip . fap they just turned 50 and Carolina had to follow Yesterday’s BFM TV call to action near The White House.

The ceremony poetically concluded with our trademark “2-minute delay” between 44′ in EST and 46′ in Central Nato times .:. 5B5CAB76-07B3-4EA0-A7B3-44AB7CDD34F5 .:. Trump agrees to an orderly transission on 20-01-21, period!

For the record, Senator Claire McCaskill, please relay to our esteemed Republican Honcho at the Lincoln Projects (in New Jersey) Richard Steele, that:

White Charcol = a Cob of corn without the grain, so don’t go mixing your veggies with one of these 🍆, eh!

Aussi, don’t you go painting the mazorca, color Prieto, because that would be the equivalent of “black-facing” a diamond and WE already have ONYX (a hexagonal mineral) to cut with.

But of course, any resemblance to The Sheriff is in Prison* is on account that Eye see Very Black; “It’s Trou!!!”

Dearly beloved, the Reverend Chaplin of the United States Senate:
Barry C. BLACK… call me a liar, i dare you, Reverend Al… 


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