And, on that Midnight Train to Georgia it’s 50-50

At midnight on the East Coast (U.S.A.) the control of The Hill (the part that matters, anyhow) is evenly split between the Charlie Daniels Camp and the R.E.M. Crush. D.A.R.E. is however, an exception to the Rulhe, and her name is Nasty Harris,… “and he’ll like it, too!” Said the Big HURT.

A French military source who was familiar with Sunday’s operation told AFP: “There can’t be any doubts or ambiguity, there was no wedding.” 👰🏾 1F768718-90F7-4F8B-B22F-801B728AAF2F 🎯 Vía: Aguascalientes TV Canal 26 de FRANCE 24 International.

“🎶 My Honey, my baby…
—She said: Don’t tell me no lies
and keep your hands to yo’self

The 🍑 State (emoji) 🛰🛰🛰🛰

Notable invertebrate, Jimmy “the lizzard” CarVile just made the rounds in Georgia and the former Clinton whisperer remains optimista that Claire McCass will not finish eating that peach that she’s sitting on, and in Paris, BFM’ed TV just called for Manifestations in the name of Donald Trump… those motherfuckers!!!

In Twenty (French) minutes i am going to show you that i don’t select the Brides (for dressage), nor the news from above for Ariane 5, o como dicen los franceses, « la quintaspatiale” », so stick around, or knot, either way come Hell or High WaWa on February 18th, at the 36 minute mark of The Rachel Maddow Show*, the MARS Rover Perseverance will begin its descent onto the Red Planet, where Reel Men come from.

* Avi Velshi will probably host

… Día de Reyes (proper) follows, but FO’ist, page 9 from Nº 3597: Ver…Seau, or Something in the way that Cerf-panthère (ONCA) fits in a Maria Antonieta “Reina” de Las Nieves (punto y coma, dr. Ackerman) read all about it in DIX NEWS on page 8 desde L’Alsace.

Jealousy and suspicion invade you. You feel a certain disinterest in your career.

She became a snowflake, Cerf-panthère, that’s all, she is, she’s one of these ❄️ now.

And the WaWa Carrier goes:

You wish!

Deer, STEPHANIE RULHE… Öüï is HALF-Güey D.A.R.E. and Nobody is going any GodDamned place just yet, KNOT before you Unpack ITEM n°IV of the recently SPOTTED Dix News, so Estefanía, stop trying to read into Special Agent Claire McCaskill’s Morse code anagrams, understand please my deer-Pundita that doña CLARA was in Éxtasis after she ate the CORN Flake while seating on a GEORGIA PEACH.

🎶 737 coming out of the Sky!!!
Oh, won’t ya’ TAKE MÍ down to Memphis
on a midnite train—Eye Won’t Move.


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