Holy shit!!! — Don’t forget That this Is a draft

Nicole Wallace turned black. It must be a Kwanzaa tribute, not ONCE_but TWICE!!!

And in Paris, the sky above the Louvre is fucking purple!!! And Nicole went AWOL… oh, the humanity! This is the last time we call coincidence on DEADLINE.

🎶 Yeah-yeah-yeah .:. 9CEA3628-1050-4E01-A027-20D775AE696D

🎶 Talking ’bout a GO’il DAT looked quite like Ewe…

But wait!!! Our sources reveal that KNOT to be outdone by Chris Jansing’s French doppelgänger, Nicole got herself a younger virgin version (in theory) double of her.

And if that was KNOT enough, Sam Stein stars as “The Frito Bandito”.

And in Nashville

“Terrorism is not the same as terrifying,”, said Jim Cavanaugh, the FBI/ATF guy who used our CNES theme to fabricate a pundit’s narrative of what happened in Nashville. For the record, Jim, fuck the proud boys.

Now, Mickaël will not let me lie, but WE BOTH SAW THAT THERE nazi salute yesterday morning before the “twisted cross” was tagged 67 times (and in different colors) at the cemetery a FONTAINBLEAU. SO DON’t Shoot the little messenger WithOut a BADGE, period!

A funny thing happened to Leslie Jones shopping cart at the Forum .:. 394F4410-0383-4FC8-BAF9-1F2D5AFA8D82 🗣 Deer, Leslie, you Ebony armoire, Eye regrets to inform you that Da’Man at Les Halles took away the shopping cart. Öüï relays that it is not the janitor’s fault, the man was just doing his job. Indeed. But don’t despair because we’ll always have The Duke on the “A Train”, knot on a fucking WWII film.

… “[S]o it goes », Sam Stein, « so it goes.”


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