Deer, Neymar Junior, TODAY es el día de los inocentes

… [T]hey claim that I’m a criminal

The problem of local journalism, is that if you actually report, “the good guys” and “the guardians” will cut your cord and literally hang you by the you-know-what. —_¥_— … [A]nd Beto O’Rourke and the University of Texas, of course, are going to say nay on D.A.T. thing called reporting for America”.  Looking back, honestly i should have taken the opportunity to be a “mule” at El Paso del Norte… neta que Sí, Lourdes. And here is why, Zita, “narcos” actually take care of their « talent ».

By now I wonder how
Some people never know
The enemy could be their friend, guardian
I’m not a hooligan

Public Enemy’s
Don’t Believe The Hype…
Don’t—don’t, don’t.

So, on a They like today, King Herod played the role of… wait for IT!, Virginie, wait…

doG The Bounty Hunter

£or€m ip$um…

So, Matteo, did you happen to watch this morning’s BFMerTV POSTCARDS segment? You May give yourself a little pat-on-your-Back because BFMerTV was in fact, CATCHING-up with the postcard that you, –Sir– and of course, Caroline Mohamed, Idriss, Lina, Jade, and of course, ALICIA!!! Sent.

Now, my tadpole friends, i am going to give y’all the FORMULA to get rid of 🎶 Lice, lice, lice, yeah… it is a family recipe that dates back to like the late Great Grand Mother, (my mom was born in the year of ’34, so you do the math)


One cup of olive oil, a handful of  persil, a plastic bag or enough cellophane wrapping to do a clear turban over your noggin.


Grind all of the persil (stem included) using a mineral-based  mortar and pestle, once the (preferably fresh) herbs achieve a paste-like consistency start mixing the olive oil to the grounded persil.


Apply liberally in the same way that shampoo is used, that is to say Kasie Hunt, when it comes time for little Mars to carry his first of passengers on him, massage the olive oil/persil potion onto that little fucker’s head; DO THIS AT BED TIME!!!
Then, once the entire head is shiny green, wrap the plastic bag like a turban (use a beanie cap to secure the plastic wrap).
Let the magic work overnight and stay with the lice victim, because when the lice begin to die and their larvae begin to pop, your kid’s head is going feel like a his tongue is wrapped with a peeled habanero on it.

Tips to consider:

Do not use this FORMULA if no lice is present on the kid’s head, on account that dead lice juice is part of the secret ingredients needed for this recipe to work.

This remedy works for a lifetime provided that the paste, and THE plastic bag is kept in place throughout the entire night-process, it’s TRUE.

Postcards from the edge of Una Calle de Paris, follows.

And King Herod said:

Placed advertisment .:. FEB52988-825A-4FA1-97E0-74727020F501 🎬
BFM TV and Laboratorios Camacho (001-915).
Product placed:
Jabón del Perro Agradecido,
Jingle: wait for it, wait…

dejad que los niños se acerquen a mi.

Still to hang… Trabajos difíciles en Saint Sulpice’es-es Exterior Wall of Delacroix with musical guest, PANTERA.

CLIFFHANGER? Cliffhanger???
You can’t handle AIR ASSAULT

£or€m ip$um set Tú.

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