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So yeah, Willie Geist, you probably think that this frame is about The Amazon man, but it’s knot, and as a matter of fact the man inside of the perimeter ⬆️ is a Black Water security guard from Tennessee, in the snapshot, that there little Prince boy is in the process of screwing the U.S. Postal Service, the box to the lower right in the Hollywood-land square  is Arizona CARDINAL and U.S. Army E-4, Patrick Tillman. We mean no disrespect, really, no disrespect at all .:. 043FA109-F2B8-4108-B114-5EB723BD1E88 ⚰️ No disrespect at all. Or will you, Willie Geist, deny that Spec. Tillman, joined the military just like that “It’s a wonderful life” actor with PTSD, except that Pat, as opposed to Brigadier General, James Stewart, didn’t get a chance to be remembered like Jimmy, so to answer your question… yup! I can’t think of anyone putting a successful career onhold in order to play the role of G.I. (Ay) Blues.

In local news… “… [E]n un pueblito de Francia”, dice l’argentina. Now, Chris Jansing, you might knot remember a “la argentina” from another French tragedy, anyhow, in a few i will link you up, in an effort to bring you up to speed as i enunciate this, however, i cannot remember if l’argentina coincided with you in Paris when Hamilton was visiting the White House, and Jefferson was dropping rhymes on the fly, mmm-ember DAT?

Note to El Clarín… amigos de La Plata, check it out (bola de pelotudos) there is nothing that pisses the French Gendarmerie more than a bunch of foreigners calling them “cops”, or WO’ist!!! Policías.

https ://www .clarin .com /mundo /francia-hombre-mato-policias-intentaban-rescatar-mujer_0_A6ExJsxJZ .html

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