Breaking the News — A red nose reindeer crashes

Paris, France_ A Red nose reindeer and a paper airplane piloted by a little tadpole crashed over a place where everybody knows your name.

Leslie Jones reporting on Deadline, and Senator Clair McAss is commenting on the situation, the former senator for the Ozarks is on her 150th mimosa. Over on the Ari Melber beat, former Republican Party honcho, and muppet of the They, Michael Steele is going to explain what a Cuero de Rana looks like at the Lorne Michaels Executive Steam Room of the Rockefeller Center.

The incident took place just as the paper plane was ready to request a lane to land on at CDG. The paper plane and all the passengers on board that paper airplane survived. The paper plane was arriving from Norway.

The red nose reindeer fled the scene of the crash leaving behind a cart full of presents. Authorities didn’t bother to chase the red nose reindeer, and the city mayor wrote an emergency resolution to donate all the gifts to doña Vilma Fuentes-es favorite street-level neighbors outside the rez-de-chaussée-es (in-and-around) La Maub.


Öüï now returns to our regular beat, o como dicen los muy franceses-es-es–ese:

Las noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano.

So, it must have been 1983, or 1984, maybe 1985, not sure if the Run-DMC was moonlighting as Santa’s little helpers, or if Aerosmith was learning to rap, one thing is for sure “We are the world” was playing on a semi loop on this thing called an MTV, and “Beggars Banquet” on an appliance that played “Stars of 45”, but the thing is that the term “cuero de rana” became a « thing » at “pulgas y fayucas*», and this snapshot taken near the rez-de-chaussée of Scarlet Johansen at Paris 6éme captures the elements of our next story.

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