Hey, Negrita! Check out Jim lighting that fire

Quick programming note:

The Georgia Satellites can Go! Ahead and keep their hands to themselves.

Caption for pyre: It’s a Triple G Weekend, live from GUADALAJARA… TORO ROSSO follows. Page 31 “en brÈves” omnisports and why the NFL had to name it’s IT$ moneymaker FOOTBALL, instead of Handball.

I am not sure if the French will be practicing National Sport They (today) however, a gang of motorcycle police officers wearing all Black are parked right-smacked in the middle of the Nelson Mandela (sans ex) Garden. For the record, those fuckers got between a Band on The Run, and the Carrefour monopoly of Violence at Les Halles en la rue de Rambuteau… so don’t charge me with capturing them matracas-weilding and (tear) grenade launchers holding cops.

And Zeppelin, Mr. Foo Fighting Foo’— goes here.

Caption for Satellite view of a « Kεconomy » as viewed with a Guyana-launched satellite… i can see Georgia* from here standing on SPOT 5 and, BABY CROSS, youse knot gonna believe le Chien Qui Fume right next to Mr. Poquelin’s kitchen (where Molière was brought into this Quadrant) but i have INDIANA directly in front of my lying eyes., heck, Negrita!!! There’s a Tunisian sleeping right below GERONIMO’s mug… now i am knot one to weave the action developing at the Main Entrance to the underground, but the big HIPPOPOTAMUS on the demi-LUNE is that them boys from the 20minutes paper route just dropped some African Sistas on the CNEWS grounds and they are passing out green colored Facemasks and sanitizer handgel for all the people SUPER SPREADING last year’s Christmas gift from… anyone, anyone… The Orient. HAPPY SHOPPING and you can keep the mask on 🎶 Joe Cock|-|er.

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