Fuckkkkkkkk, Eye didn’t think

Indeed, that’s a real Mexican Avocado

Last night my Right Eye discovered That French cops were Pussies, —at the time when i asked for my property back— but some, are just EXACTLY like them little American cops.

Good morning, it’s 9.20 in the morning and today is Mexican Revolution They.


ODEON M4… next stop, Saint Germain-des-Près .:. A2024EF1-AA99-4C46-B541-461C1E4B8155 … Three Little Words Siren, you got, IT!, Sirene: FUCK YOU COP.

Quick note, if you ever get pepper-sprayed, point-blank and TO your Face, you must remember that the chemical will stay in your eyes for a good portion of the following 24 hours. Lucky for u.s., we visited the Soup Populaire at the 6th District, of 16 (now) and the good people there hooked us up with a little bottle of VITAMINs B6 and D, which we did not drink earlier in the day (yesterday), like yogurt, or milk, anything that makes for a happy movement of SHIT is a good remedy for the pepper-spray that insecure “little” debutant cops throw at you.

Some people call me the space cowboy

Some people call me the space cowboy .:. You know my name, you know where i lay, you even know where i take a steamy shit, and You Motherfuckers know that if i wanted to steal anything from La France, well THEN i would have asked Los Amigos de México in France for the “permission” necessary to obtain a Talents and Skills visa… like the one that Marcelo Ebrard nice got to able to study at Sciences Po in 2015 (during the year of Mexico in the Hillary Clinton Latino outreach in the U.S.A.) check La Matriculacion, or as we bums on skid row very often say: check your surveillance feed.

ISSY Mr. Macron: FUCK THE POLICE, if they punish the paying customer at MONOPrix®️, and you know what the IRONY of it  is, Mme. Hidalgo? That the CEO of Franprix and Monoprix used to be a roofless sonovabitch just like yours truly.  

Page 26: DECOUVERTS, « Trois lieux où mieux consomer » ; À Paris AUTOME 2020.


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  1. Show it again Joe… gas works – Armando Segovia

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