Año de Hidalgo — Good morning Sunshine

And in WaWa Land, Ali  Vittalli wakes up from her wish to sleep for the weak. Avi Velshi is by her side.

[Setting: a park in Pennsylvania, Ali Vittalli is in the front-leaning rest position, her tummy is pressed to the bench and her arms (2-each) hang like spaghetti from the lengths that make up the bench, Avi Velshi is on a smart phone display. Avi is yapping about the Commando 450 (showerhead) that he scored in Tucson, Arizona]

Ali Vittalli:
— What day is it? And why is my hair tied in a pony tail?

Avi Velshi:
— Saturday, probably because you’ve been, “[sleeping] in place and traveling through time”.
— Are you ready to do an exposé of what went on in your head?

La, con qui 'sta?

¿£a, con qui ‘$ta? Lo mismo se dijo de la plata. .:. FD16EDE0-1565-4C6A-89D5-53EA20196014 👷🏾‍♂️SITUATION 3, page 40 (Histoire… autre regard 👁:
La fermeture de la Houve : symbole de la fin de la classe ouvriere ?… Ask a Frog.

Ali Vittalli:
— Must I show the scratch-work that went into every plot?

Ali Velshi:
— You betcha, kid.

… [A]vi, I’ve just woken up after an entire week of sleeping on the planks of this wooden bench and every bone in my body is aching like a sonovabitch right now, so Witt D.A.T. in mind, let me turn to pages 12 and 13 of the CAP Cuadernoautre regard 👁” de la Situation n°1: l’exploration du continent américain—o como dicen los franceses, “entre chiles y repollos”.

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