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Sing u.s. a Song— Piano man

Sing u.s. a Song— Piano man 🤶🏻 A99DB88C-3BDC-482A-A203-809999AC798A 🎅🏻 Oh, oh, oh 🎶🎶🎶

And in Washington, Kasie Hunt celebrates an Entire YEAR on “Way too Early—Don’t bee Late”. On today’s episode Phil Griffin lets the lipgloss show Kasie’s one-year teefies, meanwhile at the state department, it’s The Twilight Zone…

White Humor

White Humor .:. 5746B8B6-8D3F-47FE-90B9-3900AB4A85A2 .:. D.A.T.’s what She said.

Dear, president Trump:
Being number one at anything in the military is KNOT mutually exclusive from being a suck-ass, which happens to be the acronym for SYCOPHANT, and/or TOADIE.

The category, yet another little ol’Veteran of an American Theater of War… good God y’all— What is it good for?

Number one

Number one… at smoothly sucking cock! Captain… Happy Remembrance Day, you asshole… note to Republican Honcho Michael Steele: this cut_line must be read in a Ken Dilenian voice.

… A tale of Two (each) second-hand fiddles con cuerda de fideo (vermicelli strings) al dente, “you’ll know it’s ready when it STICKS to the WALL”, Jason Johnson swears that, “she’ll love it too”.

… Over at the Fountain Building at the Rockefeller Center, NBC fat cats at the RainBow Room vow to continue with the yearly sacrifice of a big ol’tree for the sole reason to impress a fat jolly guy… or is it jolly fat guy?. The move this year prompted Brazilian president to stock-up on gun powder because if anyone is going to sacrifice trees, regardless if these are from Norway, it’s going to be Brazil.

https ://m .dw .com /es /amlo-y-jair-bolsonaro-unidos-en-su-silencio-sobre-joe-biden /a-55534186

Anyhow, we [the staff] had already factored in the fact that Alaska was just one pork-barrel bridge too far… so it’s up to you Georgia! This is no time for Siesta*, R.E.M..

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