Page 87 and Page 118… Faire la fête—and that’s all that fits to print

This is no time for Siesta, Sista!

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… [A]nd Eye quotes, “I’m rich, BITCH!”, it’s not ironic, it is pitch Black perfect, the same nigga that gave Trump a chance, now gets to eat a cold Macedonian salad, before the monologue.

Musical Guest: Let’s talk about martians

Previously on...

Previously on… [A]nd now, the rest of the story .:. 490736FE-D284-427D-8201-51D7CA13C1C9 .:.
Doc d.a.t. camera operator a THEYs PAY for napping on the Steve!
And now, the rest of the story about how a most inconsequential trivial conversation paved the way to the ban on Le Petit Robert. It kind of started on Election Eve Monday at the reception of a very exclusively open club

… [D]ear, Lorde Lorne:
si nos dejan, “ Train keeps a’Rollin all Knight long », on your marks, get Seth…

But FO’ist, let’s check with our field reporter Mítz Thorph Zandorf WHO is standing outside of the Mars Bar where Kasie Hunt just learnt that Joe Scarborough is having an affair with Juanita Bonita, the event, an innocent kiss leaves a door (once again) open for Donnie Deutsch to make a move (for the 6th time since the Camp David days during the Carter Administration) on Mika… stay tuned for more of Mítz Thorph Zandorf’s reporting.

Hot cakes

A duel, baguette boy? C0018F0B-4D68-4635-8277-D666924EBAF7 🥢 You Got It, Foo man chu…
Hot Cakes is also the pet name that Dave gave « his » drummer, (BADUMTisch!)… 🥖
And Charlie Watts redobla con un gancho al hígado and says:
I once played the Role of Chilli Palmer on, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”… 🥁 Mick, played Mr. Ray Bones

Mítz Thorph Zandorf’s reporting is being beamed to you by Tia Hunt’s Hot Cakes… the secret is a well guarded secret, and “they’ll like it Too”🥛.

No Se Vaya… Stephanie Rhule pick’s up the gossip con “Las Comadres” de harina… “Las comadres de harina” is the new Can-Can Sí Se Puede Show at the Moulin Rouge, casi esquina con Colin Jost’s wife Love Shack in Paname.

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