Eye told you DOLT’s not to Store the Steve…. FUCK!!!

It only took a Siesta. D.A.T.s all it took for Steve Kornacki to turn into a “pilar of lego” after he went ahead and listened to Avi Velshi’s suggestion to drink the warm glass filled with milk… or something like That.

Later in the programming

Later in the programming… Öüï runs out of RGB refill pixels.

Coming up on Hoy no hubo jazz…

Mundo de juguete

We begin with an apology to the following sources, but given the timing of today’s sequence of events Öüï had no other choice but to commandeer your products; it’s for the Good of The Order and all that Jazz.

Over on the Meet The Kids stream:

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8910217 /Children-young-EIGHT-investigated-France-supporting-terrorism .html

Now y’all have heard about The Walrus, —it’s Knot one of those.

It was inevitable, eventually Bandas de niños would begin to amalgamate given the circumstances. At The Rockefeller Center it was Nicolle’s and Steph’s little brats who terrorized the rest of the Kids in the Hall.

In Local Motion News, it’s 4 p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii, and in the City of Brotherly Love, the Trump camp is Sweating Bullits, in Paris, night delivery and take-out is postponed until further notice. And that’s a good thing.

From “la mañanera” and twiiter:
En México NO hay emergencia por pandemia, no habrá confinamiento ni se cerrarán establecimientos comerciales, ni aplicaremos medidas coercitivas: AMLO
Confiamos mucho, mucho, mucho en la gente. No hay alarma porque una cosa es Europa y otra nuestro país“:

Everyone at democracy plaza was fed up with those two, the Security guards (rent–a–cops) knew them as The Wallrhuls.

They called'em Canallas

French authorities caught these two plotting mischief wherever ice cream was being dispensed, they were hooked on Carambar’s sugar high. This is the reason why the French police came up with the “vigiPIRATE” patrols across McDo’s.

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