Eye a.m. a Knight, mer walking at Dave’s Chapel

Dear, James…

It is pronounced:
BANG´or on MAINE Street

The Rush Bulletin

The Rush Bullet in .:. 2DE99488-439D-488D-B835-D836F55AE9A9 🏄🏽‍♂️ The Flight by Knight genie tried to warn y’all.

Hello, Sir. Buddy sends a tail wag your way. Listen up, Carville, IT!, is imperative [Witt a capital Eye] D.A.T. you relay to Willie Geist, that…

The secret is out, Avi Velshi is the Mole. DO NOT, Öüï repeats, Do Knot STORE Steve Kornacki into the MR. Garrison box!!!

[A]nd here is why:



Because it is pronounced, Le Nerd, Skinnerd… BECAUSE Tuesday’s Gone, yeah Buddy!

The promotion BOARD has already held its “promotion defense” process, that is to say, Drummer Boy, that the doD fight is on, and as a matter of Fact, nevermind the Marfa lights, it’s just Dave fighting UFO’s….

[O]r did you think that She began to sing “Wama lama lama Rock and “Role” is King » just out of the Blue?

Think about, IT!, m’aaaasn. Would you store your best Pathfinder in the middle of the Count… only if you change race horses in the middle of a RACE (war)… or isn’t that what the slogan is about?

Shifty, like The Cisco Kid

Shifty, just like The Cisco Kid, was a Friend of Mines… pronounced MINAS en Chile.

Sources close to “the Don done” relayed to Stephanie Rhule, that Avi Velshi infiltrated MAINE via Quebec, said our Nova Scotia new arrival, a bloke from the Isle of Skye, or something like D.A.T., the thing is, that thanks to Avi Velshi’s social media “message” about storing The KornackiCam before the Fat Lady Sings has given Senator Collins the lead in Maine, making that commonwealth the most Sycophant province in the Union… Eye mean, WTF Maine‽ What are you, cock suckers, because that is what Senator Collins is, for the ELITE. Is Maine an “exceptional” State like the CHRISTIAN version of Allah•bama?

Give me a fucking Break… MAINE. Eye wanted to move D.A.R.E… you know, to impregnate as many of the Susan Collins daughters’ Club.

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