The exception to the GRRRrrrhule is Common knowledge, but…

Attention Editors, the following might be offensive to some, with D.A.T. in mind, Öüï didn’t rub the Jean Genie out of d’BottLe*, Lorde Lorde did, when he Africanized Eddie Murphy’s “Dexter” monolouge.

The president wears no clothes

The president wears no clothes .:. CE0B12BF-58C9-4F36-A347-F295BDF73EE3

Donc, the following is dedicated to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior and, to all the ordinary rappers who may or may Knot and Sample the shit that they see on the “Dirty Boulevard”.

But FO’ist, with all due respect to BFMtv,
this is
 Breaking the News to Matt Bradley (Cooper)

Our apologies to Eddie Gloude Junior

Our apologies to Eddie Gloude Junior 👩‍⚕️ 4108C409-3BBA-4E55-95F5-A6CC9B1791DA 👮‍♀️ Deer, Profe. Gloude, please accept our apologies for not being able to fit Jimmy’s segment on account of Mr. Macron’s courageous STAND AGAINST Turkey.

If, dear BFM’er TV, the French break out every night with an applaudissement moment for the health workers, y’all are going to look like fucking Hypocrites, here’s WHY:

Los Calavereros de Las Fuentes

Los Calavereros de Las Fuentes .:. D1AF014B-92C5-4ACE-8444-1491F1799B6B ☠️ Featuring doña Vilma y Mr. Raoult.

’cause, my most indifférent Frogs, you had controlled, or so it seemed at the time, the dang-on pandemic, but don’t believe my lying ears when my nose tell y’all that my Eyes heard it coming.

Mí’s fingers will do the talking, so listen up! Really, that is all that anyone with a good set of Eyes had to do to see this second wave coming.

Now, öüï don’t know how a return to semi-normal life sounded like in the posh 17th District of Paris, where Matt Bradley happens to reside well within the comforts of a 17th Century mansion, but here at the Impasse des Bourdonnais the scene resembled the recess bell from Elementary school when all of the coodies ran onto the playground and behaved like The Circus animals.

We now return to our scheduled programming with the tale of how Heidi Garner took on the role of Mrs. Comey.

Only on Telemundo

Only on Telemundo 🕵🏼‍♂️ 9335D769-C774-499E-ACB4-A2A746EE9240

In the words of an “Anonymous” New York Times reporter, this is probably one of the most historical roles discussed by a married couple at the diner table.


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