Meanwhile at the Latin Paradise in Paris…

Bradley Cooper is breaking the windows at the Louis Funès satellite store of an infamous purse peddler.

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Pres

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Près, Gringo!

Preliminary reports from the Luis Funès police station reveal that the NBC correspondent was fed-up with the new curfew, especially when the new Bird review at le Paradis Latin promises a Napoleonic YAZZ Review… yeah, Buddy!

Remember now, according to The National Lampoon Revue, the following ad is considered part of French Culture (with capital letters), it’s like part of HISTORY, and öüï dig it… and if you can’t or are not able to get, IT!, it’s probably because it’s a little Latin thing that we like to call the Boss–a–Nova:

Uso justo de todos los paraísos

Uso justo de todos los paraísos .:. EEDDFB36-3A9C-4E44-8A0A-B4CB2BDDD8BC 🇫🇷

After the break, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo reviews the first night of curfew, for starters a watchful Mars remained vigil on u.s. looking down from the SW nightsky of Paname and maybe it was the news coming out of the Supreme Court in Spain but the fast-food industry did not shut their grills off, and the munchies pushers did not stop pedaling their bicycles or riding their scooters, and the sex workers (if you know where to look) did not stop hookin’… Aussi, the private clubs seem to be mimicking the “Speak Easy” of the American “Roaring 20’s”, because you have to get really–really close to the door to hear the ruckus in the Caves.


Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Meanwhile… after a nap, The Dodgers force a Game 7 thanks to a Betts!!! — and in New York City, the writers of SNL must Show their W’oik… WHAT’s The 411?

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