Deer, Ms. Guthrie… Friday Mo’rning QAnon-back

With all due respect, no other Network has done more for POTUS 45 than NBC, regardless if you hold the arsonist WHO set the Savannah on fire to account.

En la semana que Philippe Labrará

En la semana que Philippe Labrará 🗺 B57C2228-980A-4A24-BCCA-A93DE128674B 🚀 Our hero of the French, Philippe Labró, swears that he will never swim by the Banks of a river, if Donald John Trump is elected as the sovereign ruler of them united states… aussi, Erasmus was a fag!

Later in the programming, Mika Brzezinski uses her Habrá–cad–abrá powers to give Kasie Hunt the ability to juggle Mars between TWO boobies, and have the professional fortitude to get up Way Too Early. 🎶 It’s Easy—all you need is Love—love—Love is all you need.

A Stung bass player told The Police, in their report that juggling Mars was 🎶 As easy as your Ey–Bee–See–Dí… and of course “Y” [pronounced  as an American “e”].

Page 8 in 20 minutes
Jeudi, 15 octobre 2020
Airbus en mission pour rapporter un peu de Mars sur l’Hexagon

Upon hearing those news, The Dirty French —immediately— got together and set the Plans to send an AIRBUS to the Red Planet to get a piece of that. WHILE in an UnKnown quadrant of a Holiday Inn Express, John Heinemann ran out of Quarters for his bed, or something like D.A.T..

Numero Uno:
if Donald John Trump really–really was against pedophilia, he would not have arranged Jefferey Epstein’s escape from a N.Y.C. holding tank… not to mention killing mr. Epstein’s doppelgänger to turn his SOUL into a bodybag double.

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