From The Top: Octubre tenía que ser, y’all!

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Se volaron a Voltaire

¡Recorcholis!!! Jean-Luc Berjon, ¡se volaron a Voltaire!

Dear, Eddie Gloude Jr., Eye apologizes for not being able to fit that Dang-on “Jimmy” segment, Em#pero, the entire Jazz Magazine section of La Seine stopped dead on their 8-tracks upon learning that Florence Cassez returned to a life of crime, this time in La France, where freedom of speech y la llamada “Liberté de exasperación” where invented, off-course.

Meanwhile in Washington, it’s Donald’s White Knights

Not to be outdone by the French, president Trump issued a dog whistle to FOX News upon learning that the City of Paris was deploying the misfits of La Nuit Blanche Battalion to search for the missing Voltaire along the inner barrios of the périphérique.


Newsreal presents

Newsreal presents: great moments in doppelgänger memories .:. F6887FAB-A2B4-41DC-9438-528AD6566881

… [a]nd in Virginia’s Fairfax watch, the more things change the more DAY stay the same

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