And in Cleveland, Ali Vitali is wearing the biggest face mask at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Deer, Hans Nichols, watch Cousin Joe’s body movement when Mika realizes that last night “debate” was not a debate but rather a segment of “moments”, or something like that.

Indeed Peeping Tom Indeed

Indeed Peeping Tom Indeed, en los Estados Unidos de David Brooks everybody forgot about the abortion fight and now some are even on “stand-by”.

Health News… The Score:
Cancer 1 — AIDS 0

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /sociedad /2020/09/30 / muere-de-cancer-el-primer-paciente-curado-de-sida -7736.html

Meanwhile at Mission Impossible Church (Saint Merri) in Paris, La nuit blanche lost an honorary member of its 2018 edition:


“Mundo Quino”

“Mundo Quino”

And that’s it. That was the month of September. Now, as y’all will begin to see how everything begins to unravel, Do keep in mind that the staff of this most non–consequential blog did mention at the beginning of this act between the makers of this most non–consequential blog (Öüï, Mí, and u.s.) and the Paris Préfecture que en Octubre tenía que ser, Raza.

Coming to most non-consequential blogs in October 2020:
FLORENCE CASSEZ Kidnaps Voltaire


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