28 de septiembre, 2020 — Balconeando a La Pundita

Clip this on your hub…

Not quite, Pundita

You just did a segment on PARTISANSHIP!!! .:. What are Ewe, from the Joy’see Choro¹? .:. A29DCF6E-DE46-42E4-B09E-BC1CFE9A8E34 🏀

¹ Choro: for this and other adaptaciones de conversaciones con teleprompter antes de la elección, the non-reader of this most non-consequential blog is directed to head over to  TAMAULIPAS and visit La heroica Biblioteca Jaime Lópezlibrary.

But FO’ist! A funny thing happened on The Way To The Forum. PFC William “Buckwheat” Thomas was awoken by all of the ruckus happening next door at a Place called The Forum.

Mexicans from El Segundo prepping the resting place of their loved ones for the upcoming They of The Dead at the Inglewood Park Cemetery spotted the “Little Rascal” wearing a U.S. Army dress uniform standing guard at the panteón’s main gate and arguing in his most peculiar voice, that despite what the tax-cheat and liar–in-charge SAYS, the DEAD cannot vote in the upcoming referendum on Donald John Trump and other assorted lackeys in the conservative movement of them united states of América.


Well, you know the deal… yada, yada, yada, Penny lane, it’s Knot one of those:


ibid .:. EF7F9DFA-882D-4140-8ED8-D3574F94059B .:. Fair use of media to contrast Mexico’s graft with Donald John Trump’s taxes.


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