September 24, 2020 — Entre pavos reales y flamencos

Getting back to El Mes de La Memoria at The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)…

If you think that it is Way Too Early, for this shit… then you are probably a few days (40 for the election) from finding out what Chile felt when The President of The United States nulled that countries’ ballots… c’mon, Kasie, Ketch-up!


Meanwhile, en El Mundo de Le Monde… did you ever think, Bruxelles (🇧🇪), that the French medias would get all FLAMENCOS about their « freedom fries?”

… [A]nd Belgium weighs in:

— Not before 11h30 in C.E.T., and never before breakfast.

Flamenco,a, adj. colloquial

1. insolent, defiant
2. a type of art
3. a charming person

Freedom Fries, a « Catchphrase » invented coined by Nicolle Wallace during her role as Kayleigh McEnany during the time of the U.S. Administration that gave u.s. “the people”, the original recipe for Supreme Court decisions of WHO gets to PLAY president of THEM united states of america.

… [A]nyhow, as you are probably not aware, the staff of this most non–consequential blog is on hiatus, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo is playing the role [very badly] of Wolfman Jack [motherfuckers].

—Wanna know what grinds my coalition?

That’s right non-listeners, the thing that really makes Mí spin in place is the improper use of a Hawaiian shirt, especially when you strap a semi-automatic weapon of war over, IT, in the name of nativism. If that’s how you “3” percenters choose to go to war, then öüï demand that all of your female ranks arrive in  itsy-tiny-weenie-polka dot-bikinis, Yeah Buddy!

— And for the record, while the powers that be circumvent the next processes of a General Election, here’s a blast from the past, it’s called “Hamburgers in Paradise”:

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