Dear, President of The United States of America, please hold for a call from The Maverick

The following must be read with the gladiator voice of former POW and Panamainian Hero, John McCaine, and Kayleigh McEnany, please relay to your boss that the lease on the Peoples House is up, and to quote Sen. Amy Klobuchar, “Get the fuck off our lawn”, period!

C’est un prêté pour un rendu

Page 1108, header wordprestigieux; last word, se prêter. Dictionnaire Maxipoche (marsupial) LAROUSSE (2019).

Page 856, header wordmarihuana; parallel column word next to marinade öüï finds the name of maritorne, the last word after marketing, is marmaille. (ibid.)

And now that, the race is on… “In A New York Minute,” Sherman McCoy takes on the role of Eric Trump and Lara incarnates Maria Ruskin in the re-hash of  “the quintessential story of the go-for-it ’80s” aka, The Bonfire of The Vanities.

The vanity of the fairs

Alternate title, “The Vanity of the Bonfairs. .:. [Maria Ruskin] Eric… “Shit!” I mean, Sherman… where are all the white people? And, Sherman goes: who the fuck is Eric, Lara, “Damn it,” I mean, — Lara! No Wait, MARIA! That’s it! —Who the fuck is Eric, Maria?


We now return to Ashley Parker’s desk.

The Plant:
Jeez whizz! All I wanted to do last week today was to trim the spider look of my bushy shoots.

Ashley Parker:
What happened?

The Plant:
Fuckin’ Mika had to go all “Commando 450” on the French Gendarmerie, D.A.T.’s what happened!

I'm going away

Eye is going away {therefore} pack some peanuts, some Cracker Jacks®️, and at least 4 pianos for the Siren’s guest à La Villette. _—!—_ … and if you find this plug, amusing while your gentle jeepers don’t read us, you should open a gate for La Banda… m’Estas oyendo YESUN? Issy No! Pues que la cola de las Sirenas se les hagan Chicharrón

Ashley Parker:
Ah, so that’s why your spider look remains the same, eh?

The Plant:
And You Know, IT! Sister. You know that “para bailar La Bamba se necesita una poca de Gracia y otra cosita, ¡Ay Arriba y Arriba¡ Yo no soy un Marine*, por ti seré—por ti seré.”

* Page 856, below column word marinade, and on top (!Ay Arriba y Arriba¡) on the same column a sort of moustique known in the Huasteca de Louisiana and in Quebeq as le maringouin (ibid.)

How went the audition?

It wasn’t for me, but on the way back I picked up a flyer from a marmaille de newspaper delivery boys.

The Plant:
Good lead?
What’s it about?

It’s a Comedia de Enredos about a waitress working at a biker roadhouse in the Great State of Mississippi, and the scene calls for this lead to prep the bar-and-grill section for the returning motorcycle clubs WHO descended from Sturgis back into Natchez just–in–time for the Labor Day Weekend party.

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