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Never mind the Amigo Air Show

Never mind the Amigo Air Show .:. DA88ABDB-6424-4439-8A04-9300B031CD7D —_•¡•_— “Pay attention to what they do,” according to the Policy of Truth and The Make The Rachel Maddow Show Great Again (TMTRMSGA) NOW! ♾ Over at the Stephanie Ruhle Show, Jeff Benece ate The Pundita and a Pole is stuck on the ‘Death Loop’ of a much bigger screen on the panoramic of them Big Blue Skies, North of the Union Pacific Rail Road tracks and along the Burlington Northern line.

… [A]nd in Washington, AP LeMire gets a subscription of our virtual newspaper route, y al Cousin Joe se le pegaron las calcetas, other than D.A.T., the united states of Donald John Trump has reached the threshold for current events for the Month of August 2020, You may purchase additional current events from the united states of Donald John Trump, by TEXTING:

#️⃣ Gooooo, Dodgers.

Previously on:
Dear, Dr. Richard Haass, CFR and Morning Joe “contributor”

Eye was explaining to Donald John that BETH is the «Destroyer» and that CONGRESSMAN Crenshaw was about to receive a SALVO… and down from the top of Russia “old smokey the boat” comes creeping up Sarah Palin’s estrecho por El Bearing See (te lo dije) tuerto: in the land of the Blind Alabama Boys Club, the one–eyed man works for the man who sold America.

And just in case que a La Tierra le falte Fuego, La Argentina is going all ‘anti-colonialist’ on the Sandwich and Falklands islands… this is an Asterisk*

Fuckin' Tango killed Jazz tonight... Tango! TANGO!!! Come in Tango, this is CASH—Johnny Cash.

Deer, Claire McCass:

Is that a Whine chiller behind you? Tell you what, Kenny Rogers called and said, “don’t take your love to town” … and never mind Johnny, because he’s having an Evita moment with Eugene Robinson en La Plata.

* We now return to Tamaulipas, tan lejos de Dios (There’s no God in Mexico)  tan cerca de Houston y el congresista Crenshaw de los estados unidos de Donald Trump.

So yeah, as Frankie “the fig” Lucie predicates the end of the World, as seen from outside of them united states of Donald John Trump, Juanito Trump ignores his nation’s existential narcos to focus on “La Novela de las siete de la mañana”, in this episode, “mira lo que’mencontre”.


Finally! .:. 052CF7AF-741C-4EE6-842E-85339FC8DF8C .:. Today we [the staff] finally spoke to our French court appointed lawyer. Watch this space.

Deer, [Young] Mr. Schmidty… do all Schmidts have a smile impediment or are y’all just stone-cold facts only, ma’am?

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