Do you remember? We never thought [they] we’d make it this far

“French-kissing chainsaws*
The Make The Rachel Maddow Show
Great Again.

September… we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] begin with an “ISOlated incident”:

It's the 20th year anniversary countdown

It’s the 20th year anniversary countdown to the First Time on the running century of “As The World Turns”, and in Paris, the French are debating how to celebrate their very own QUINTO  celebration of a Kosher Market and its Free Speech news stand… CHARLIE Still CAN’T Surf.

The Heartbeat of AMERICA.

Don’t push Mí because the couscous is close to The Edge… as delivered by professor chaos

Page One:

President Trump visits Kenosha, Wisconsin, (Central-North U.S.). Trump comforts Sheriff Beth, the most “boggaloo” klansman north of the Wichita – Oklahoma City R/R XING at the juncture with Route 66… Yeah Buddy.


Previously on “Un minuto de silencio”, how to bury a LEDE.


* As HO’id on the Morning Cold War Show. The Morning Cold War Show with Senator Joseph Charles Scarborough the third. Your source for America’s biggest fumble of all time, next to the re-installation of The United States of America first LEGIT dictator, his Dynasty soap opera followed… wait, scratch D.A.T., Pundit, and add a little “i” to that D.i.Y. Nasty.

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