Concentric boobies… wait, scratch D.A.T.; concentric circles, section ii

Boobies … with Claire McCaskill, but FO’ist! Catching up with face without a set of Ojos mexicanos Lindos, que ahora sí, cómo dice la canción de San Grabiel, “solos no se miden ellos”, con los fondos del erario.

Florence Cassez will probably agree

Florence Cassez will probably agree, and get a kick out of… Ewe 🥊 5E013523-00D4-4ADB-83F1-0F09A34555FC .:. For the record:
The French consulate office in Los Angeles, California, — won’t let Mí lie…

In Con•Texto:
Öüï last left Mika Brzezinski at the French Riviera fighting the good fight, Yeah Buddy! The heiress to Dr. Zbigniew Brzeziński’s Trilateral Commission joined the “precious right” to “fight for your right”, —to go topless in France.

At Sainte-Marie–la–Mer, Gypsy capital of Camargue, home of the French version of every gaucho on a horse, Mika wasted no time to write across her bared “censored” chest:

Sainte–Marie-la-Mer Is Not Saudi Arabia
and Jerusalem is not a prop for The United Arab Emirates American connection to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Race.
El presta nombres

El presta nombres .:. 6BF5CB44-3DFF-491C-B5F8-2EDEDFEF0DFB .:. Dear, José DíazBalart, que dice mi tio Pedro que no’sten chingando.

Still to come: ZAT YOU, Jesús Ochoa?

https ://youtube .com /watch?v=rTP1m8dWZDw

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