Busted!!! French Minister must resign, angry wife at home

Page Too… oh, La Mer—la mer—La Mer…de Notre Humanité!

La femme

La Femme, a 33 year-old Communication AgENT forced this hero to resign from ensuring D.A.T. La Liberté survives in The South of France. Louis Funès wept like a true French (gendarme). — Mika Brzezinski reports from Saint-Tropez.

Why can’t boobs just get along. Öüï warned youse: it’s The Death of French Culture at The Last BARR before the End of The World del mundo de Le Monde.

And now… the Rest of Luc’s story (and he’s sticking with it—Yeah Buddy).

Hoy no hubo JAZ2

Hoy no hubo JAZZ .:. 952BC01C-24BB-4CF0-BB92-14A4C3EF18F0 🦵🏻 Because Americans have no fucken Idea what a gendarme is; but FRANCO Speaking, öüï have a feeling that if there is no 46th POTUS, we are going to find out in the WO’ist possible Güey. In•Deed, Buddies.


NBA postpones Wednesday’s playoff games after Bucks don’t take floor to protest Jacob Blake shooting

Hello, Mr. Minister, i, little ol’Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto know that if you (or the people that worked for Manuel Valls) don’t follow this blog, Eye, is going to be rather disappointed when you, or whosoever is going to occupy your Ministère (not your City Hall post) position in a very near future find out that Mexico, is a lot easier than Brazil, and if you know who Francisco de Rosenzweig is, then you will know where to dig… PYMES, not Pemex, even though PEMEX is the motherlode. Issy, Mr. Minister: Zeppelin goes here.

https ://www .closermag .fr/politique /gerald-darmanin-qui-est-rose-marie-sa-future-femme– 1163529#img1

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