Ladies in Gemini: Concentric Circles

… Ever thrown darts at a bar? It’s exactly like D.A.T. board on The Wall, focus on the center and never mind them pies for 3.14 per dozen… Winner takes All, Booby.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200825-french-minister-defends-precious-topless-rights-after-sunbathers-warned

Exercise n°1 – Concentric circles

Exercise n°1 – Concentric circles… explain in the form of current events. !Ojo¡ the Siren must show work .:. A4732319-6A52-4D73-B83F-5867667580FB 🐎 Instructions: shape your findings into a Kentucky style matryoshka nesting dolls set, if however, this exercise is  being conducted at a Betsy DeVos voucher institution in Nantucket use an Oeuf de Fabergé de Loué. Yeah–Buddy!

… Deer, Kayleigh McEnany:

Hello, Sweet Cakes, just answer Mí one question, is it Twue D.A.T. president Putin will be a surprise guest-speaker at the POTUS re-election rodeo party? It makes sense… Putin being the littlest matryoshka in the set, or the bulls-eye on the board of that Wall. Anyhow, Kayleigh McEnany, skip the ceremony and let’s get drunk outdoors and fuck!

PORTADA: The front page of a newspaper.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020 /08 /25 /portada .pdf


Contraportada -:- FAIR USE OF MEDIA .:. 6AC5AF8C-CC72-4C0E-8108-58431BB30517 🐝 In book publishing a “Contraportada” [feminine noun] is the page that it is placed in front of the COVER with the NAME OF THE SERIES to which the book belongs (yada, yada, yada) and other assorted details about the MURDER inside of said tome. Source:


Deer, Nicolle, this is why Eye keeps telling you, To-Show-Your-Work, teleprompters are no way to get through Deadline, Chihuahua contigo, pundit! Are you getting your prompts via TELEVISA/CanalOnce/Azteca… or some CDMX TV like D.A.T.? C’mon, Man!

“The World is watching!” And, apparently it’s open season on Negritos in the U.S.A., (literally) y cómo dicen en Kenosha, Winsconsin: this is real.

Los polis gringos no tienen remedio, sean blancos o negros. Gozan de licencia para matar.

RAYUELA 25 de agosto, 2020

La Jornada


Portada… content not available a causa de la caída global del “Zum”.

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