Caminito de la escuela — n°4: se cayó el Zoom, profe

Adventures in transliteration… deer, Cousin Joe:


Abejas maisiadas 🐝🌽 A402D462-EBD4-4AD3-9B97-E650BC9F66FA 🌀
—Leave the bees be and send the flowers to the compost bin.
Executive Landscaper:
— Mylady, what should I tell the people when they ask what happened to Jackie’s flowers?
Tell them that Dr. Van Halen is working on a better (synthetic) tomato and let them eat Pearl Jam.

Wanna know why in Espagnol, “Old Glory” is called  « Las barras y las estrellas » ? The Answer, —motherfucker— after the Compost Minute from what used to bee a pollination sector, but now, that space is nothing more than what appears to bee storefront shrubbery for another of the FLOTUS executive projects.

Excuse n° 5:
Big Brother wanted to watch the pilot episode of “Sparky and Shef ».


FALL 2020
PHIL 4516 (4 Cr. H.)
The Decline of Western Civilization
Mon-Sunday: 27/7/365*
Prof. Qirk Qunt Qulo (ph.d)
On Zoom

In Living Color

In Living Qolor 🏄🏽‍♂️767C2FE7-03AF-4495-A405-6C1B9D5C1C49 🏄🏿‍♀️ Now with Body Glove®️for all of that Imperial Nakedness that your Qompadre Qunt is going to display at the “Qonvention”.

* 366 during a leap year

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