Primetime… the poles are talking

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Lucky for u.s.

Lucky for u.s. on the OCONUS* beat .:. 230C0123-EF0E-4AB9-B7A8-C7481C402146 🇺🇸 In Hilo, Hawaii, Day ONE of the show me your necklace Convention Affaire, remains in effect… Eye-Eye, Captain.

Her wish is our “WiFi Signal Loss”, and because she called for, IT!, to be cut, the interwebs gods went ahead and sent a FOX to zapp our eyelids immediately after the invocation at the pre-recorded convention, but not before noticing the “lighting” gremlins when the sacrificial champagne bottle was smashed over Nicolle’s new sailing vessel at the beginning of her political show… in•deed.


En fin, doña Vilma Fuentes, ¡qué tal ese pinche Jeff Koons, eh! Por cualquier medio se cuela ese cabrón, y sabiendo que ese señor le pone las piel de gallina (no pun intended to all of the Mama Poules en el mundo de Loué, 72540) le recordamos que nosotros no seleccionamos el parque para la catapulta.

Previously on, “She liked T–REX”

Green Barney

Extinction, now playing at Prohibition .:. 26D73D0D-4607-4DB3-A4A5-1C892D404872 🦖🦕 Our thoughts and prayers are with the Walt Disney Corporation for the loss of a Snow White fan in Beirut.

… Ladies in gentleman, el staff d’este tan intrascendente blog los invita a escuchar, HOY NO HUBO JAZZ en razón de que “Estamos Trabajando” con los “michigans”,  As a token of our most underrated appreciation,  here’s The Original KING of Mope on Yesterday’s FipSiren Nickel and DI•MEh Radio Flyer Theys Show.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club- jazzafip- du- lundi-17 -aout -2020

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