Matinée … Hoy no hubo Jazz, Mr. Baker

In•deed, Chet, D.A.R.E. is a convention going on… it’s one for the Ages (in DOG years).

If Eye Had A Hammer

If Eye Had A Hammer .:. BDFBD01A-EB1D-4B51-8FE4-F837F60BA5E4 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦕🦕🦕 I would nail for an Extra hour on Deadline… yes he would… and Claire would like Mí to nail her too, into the programming, of course.

But FO’ist: Lives Well Lived, with Nicolle Wallace on Deadline, in Washington, —off-course.

Page 22:
43° 02’ 23” N
87° 55’ 01” W
3rd Rock From The Sun… AKA: “El mundo de Le Monde”.

La venganza de Al–Andaluz

Blame it on the language: La venganza de Al–Andaluz .:. And don’t get Mí started with Los Cubanos Postizos because ÖÜÏ WILL remove that “lower case” tee from Chet.

… No! No! No! You fucking idiot! GAWD DAMN — Mr. President, what are you? A fucking Grape? You fucking Moron!  It’s Hang. You dumb fuck. “Let them Hang”, and here’s why you fucking Dolt!

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /trump-twitter-democrat-cities-rot-retweet-a9674106 .html

“David Lee” was the “old” pussy grabbin’ Van Halen, Mr. President. “Sammy” was the new and improved “all balls out” who let them hang out in Baja.

Jesus H. Christ, Mr. President, you look like a fucking idiot mixing your Van’s up. (This message is approved by The Great State of CALIFORNIA, and off-course, Sean Penn).


Over on P.M. Joy: Black Spy! You have two hours to shave that mug off your beard. On the double, sailor!

While D.A.T. develops, Madame Speaker is celebrating the continuing story of the hair style of P.M. Joy, and if you followed the play, then you know what them greñas mean. In•Deed Ladies in Gemini, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is the sign of conformity. Look, all öüï’s saying is that it’s been Three weeks, Joy… throw some beads in yo’braids! Fuck what Phil Griffin says—you know you want to.

No es lo mismo, pero

No es lo mismo, pero .:. 17563B91-C4E8-44AE-AB50-639F96ADC106 … the Killer Incompetences of the “leaders” involved with the REAL TIME response to a literal TimeBomb (be it in the form of an ANNOUNCED pandemic or stored fertilizer compounds in the middle of commerce) is an echo of the same. COLLATERAL Damages by the drop or in a Flash are not acceptable Mr. Jared Kushner.

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