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Issy... Sala Manca

Issy… Sala Manca .:. FAE838DE-6326-406B-AB65-78890FB32DB7 🇦🇪🇪🇸 Entonces, Alicia Menendez, como todo Telemundo ya lo decía: lo que Salamanca no otorga, el reino te lo heredará. This Menu is Seasoned [Aged really] con Goya, Gregoria.

This Nail kills fascists

Our apologies to Professor Jon Meachum but we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] will not be able  to fit in John* Lewis (Bio) into the programming, but Eye tell you what, your wait–in–Q ticket number is in in the mail, once you receive, IT!, you may procede to stand next to your colleague at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior The Third.


NIN .:. 2F80B7AA-8E07-48C6-BAD7-14C33A1ED3BE .:. After the break, it’s: Eye bets you think this postcard is about you, pero no, Mr. Rockefeller, this frame is not about you. This particular postcard, Mr. Rockefeller is from D.A.T. other channel that öüï is known to frequent, we [the staff] can relay back to the future, that the return address on the above-mentioned postcard is from a fellow (pictured left-of-center on The Edge) whose address “claims to be” a 3rd Rock from The Sun . According to the postmarked date on the stamp, the captured screen-grab is from the very recent past, as compared to a grain of sand.

Still to come: This is why öüï can’t have European artifacts in the Backyard, with Gilbert Grape. In today’s episode Cousin Joe stars in the role of Arnie Grape, in this episode, Arnie gets strung-up on a tub of counterfeit gummy bears from Shyna, Shyna!!! Arnie then proceeds to burn down the house while the Talking Heads played on the state-of-the-art Fischer turntable synched to an “Alpine” wireless set of Speakers, of course.

Note to all post master generals. Nevermind the danglin’ participles because, —si nos dejan— it’s going to be a long convention tonight.

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