Hey, D.A.R.E., Avi Velshi, this is Ancient Yndios (part ii)

Haste del verbo transitivo faire

W.H.O. Knew‽

W.H.O. Knew This Would happen‽ .:. 33287D22-5EAC-4E38-BF02-39C4078E551D 🎩👑 Attention students, the number reflected by the Red Letters inside of the “support your local biker gang” delimiter could be significantly lowballing the numbers represented by the Dark Blue [h]asterisk.

… [A]nd just remember, returning university students at Elon’s Campus, just remember to follow your S.O.B… wait, scratch D.A.T.! Don’t follow your sonofabitch, öüï repeat: don’t follow your S.O.B., instead, Future Idiots of America, follow your Campus S.O.P. and any C.D.C. guidelines that might have survived the “dear leader’s” recommendation and Kayleigh McEnany’s “killer” looks.

Can You Synch Mí In, Now?
Do as I Say not as I Bully

Do as I Say not as I Bully you ⚠️ B7B0CBD8-187C-4F3E-853F-6206E071BD6A 📰 “It better not happen again”.

In•deed, previously on “Practice What You Preach”, John Mill Ackerman used his mommy’s and daddy’s IVY League connections, his teacher’s desk student’s contributions (classroom dissertations), and his “beau papa” to reach a position in government that would make an Armand Jean du Plessis, A.K.A., The Duke of Richelieu or simply, “the motherfucking Cardinal” —blush— and, a Jules Mazarin say: arrest that man and put his FACE behind an IRON Mask.

Note to Velshi: Qanon is fag! — Bald Power!

It's just an “oH” on a rearview mirror

The letter “Q” without it’s descender (tail) in any font is an “O” (Oh) on a rearview mirror.

Still to come: La Vache! El Niño Luc in the role of Gatsby le magnifique reaches Sonoyta, from the Agua Prieta side of the fence… But FOist! Conspiracy Theories meets Política Ficción… Don’t call it “fan fiction” until you’ve seen the perspective on the terrain.

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