Well… Eye be damned! Ancient Yndios present:

“Tus ojos mexiquenses tuyos”…

It’s an indeleble mark of La Conquista, and nothing, not even Moroni and The Seven Sisters who sent him down to populate the great State of Utah will ever be able to erase the trauma de la Santísima Inquisición en La Nueva España in the psyche of population that can check a Census ethnic box next to “la Raza”.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wik i/Érase_una_vez

For the record, Alicia Menendez, “la Raza” is not a purity test, on the contrary, during it’s its first iteration, “la Raza” is mixture of different cultures from the North of Africa, the Middle East, and yes, even from a recently converted Kingdom of Spain, with one particular Hembra in the new conquered land, her name was La Chingada… or something like that.

Saving Mexico

Saving Mexico .:. B6A83730-8322-4D05-986C-8B5E17252CC8 ⚖️ If their precious blue-blood don’t get to experience lock-up for at lest the time that they served (six years), then this information is nothing more than an advertorial for John Mill Ackerman’s boss.

[S]piritually, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] have it on good authority to relay for the Final Test, that the good people at El Santo Oficio transfigured the image of “La Chingada” into the icon of “La Lupita”, and the rest, —well the rest as They Say: it’s just another Ancient Aliens episode, starring our favorite non-political entity of them all: Professor John Mill Ackerman.

From the Book of Testament
according to the gospel of
Rodrigo y Gabriela.

En contexto: ¡Ehhhhhstamos TRAbajando!*

For those not reading this most non-consequential blog, you might recall that one of the first counter-programming tasks of the winners of both the Mexican and French Presidential Elections of 2012 focused on keeping an increasing number of exasperated Mexicans protesting in France to a minimum.

On the Mexican side the election was held in June, six months later, just in time to sing “Las Mañanitas a La Virgen” on December the 12th, the new president from the old party would be invested, however, in October (of course it was—it had to be) a newly–elected Enrique Peña Nieto broke with protocol while the Calderón administration was wrapping up the sacrosanct tradition set by the canon of “El Año de Hidalgo”… que chingue a su madre el (o la) que deje algo.

https ://www .oecd .org /mexico /mexico president-elect enrique pea nieto visit to the oecd .htm

[John Mill Ackerman “saves” Mexico]

* Adios Guayabera Mía

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