Deer, Mika Brzezinski… haven’t you heard?

It’s Fake Gold! No Habrá Final Feliz*


¡Señora!. ¿No Plegunte pol’qué? .:. 9EE0256E-F569-4FE7-89D7-FFDE2A524DAD —_•!•_— Is that JAUNDICE D.A.T. Eye spots on Donnie Deutsh? Is that fucker going Yello‘ on your morning show?. ¡Señora! Now is not the time to go around propagating  Yello’journalism… [S]o let’s fix that sonofavitch right away, eh! The first thing D.A.T. you should do, señora, is to stop bathing that fucker with Jabón del Perro Agradecido, instead, go ahead and suppress all of his  “erres” just like our P.R. brethren and our contact list from Chinatown do, with a couple of refreshing jarritos of “treated” pulque, y no, María Hinojosa… ¿no pleguntes, pul qué? — “That’s Just The Way IT Is ».

* Except off-course, for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and the cadre of Future American Oligarchs who are playing the role of Recent Russian Autocrats who placed all of their chips on the fall of the old Soviet block.

So here’s another Foreword to y’all:

The Exception to their rule

The Exception to their rule .:. E2B1380F-C639-495D-9E52-CE2223C17FCB .:. The Exceptional U.S. Failure To Control The Virus, by Donnie Deutsch.

Senator Mitch McConnell is wide-awake and that coffee scent is intoxicating. Ted Cruz can’t wait for the house to be set on fire and thus, collect the insurance money from both the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of SHYNA! From SHYNA!

Dicho de otra puta manera, Vladimir Putin is about to redefine and show the Western World what pure unadulterated Capitalism looks like. And D.A.T.! Is the game that THEY are playing, just ask Larry Kudlow.

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