Happy Birthday, paisanos! Bienvenidas sus remesas a Tijuana!

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Robert Downey Jr., meet “The one with Water on his face”

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Over at the Reid out, Tiffany Cross is bored, and P.M. Joy, being the gracious host that she was says: can Eye interest you in our “Commando 450” episode? Or we could switch it over Bonanza… let’s talk, IT!, over at the other side of the bend:

… After the Break, Ancient Matracas dives into the age–old debate of Ximénez or Jiménez, o bien Cevallos o Ceballos… Chihuahua. And why, why do Continental Ladies pronounce “Cevallos” con el inconcevable: Qkevalos?

It’s a Special 499 jugs of pulque on the Wall countdown to the pound version of the whole kilogram.

[Ancient Mexican Maya Batman goes here]… Can you synch Mí now?

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