Moving on… phoned-in HisTory with Cousin Joe (Ph.D)

Você abusou 🎶🎶🎶

Nevermind the watch

Nevermind the Watch, that’s just STASIS on Hawaiian Standard Time watching from The Dark Side of The Moon after the event at the Horizon when Fat Man told Little Boy to shake things up at the height of The American Century. .:. 0D02412E-8673-4503-9F25-E2FF131ECC1D 🌋🦠📞

Indeed AP LeMire, in•deed. D.A.T.’s the call of Eugene doing a little Latin sound called “the bo•ssa no•va”.

Still to come, Ng Joe Lo is live at the Biden Headquarters where The Vice President is about to nominate the Vice-President… or something like D.A.T..

… Eye did tell you D.A.T. “she” was going to phone it in, but nevermind the pooch heard on Deadline with Brian Williams in the form of a ‘nat sound’, “Dock that pundit a Theys pay for driving on the job,”… with a little boy on board, off–course.

… [O]ur apologies to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr., for not being able to fit Jimmy Baldwin into the Breaking News section of the Deadline, but Kamala’s Tandoori Jerk just arrived to spice this motherfucker up!

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