Breaking the news — Security breach

Donald John Trump just pulled an Ed McMahon lock-down during his “I just fucked mail-in voting” briefing.

It's Vince

It’s Vince! Vince, not Ed… Sorry about that Johnny Carson.

The Moat files… in this episode Donald John Trump did not have to go to the “executive bunker”.

In other « lucha libre » news:

Deer, Negrita; Eye is going to phone, IT!, in tonight because things are just way too “Rousseaunian Bolchevik” driven inside of the moat… has anybody seen the moat? Nope, but Avi Velshi is ALL IN in PHILLY!

After the “break”

After the “break” .:. FDBE2F7D-A042-47FE-9CE2-B1E0B892FCAC 🍇 Johnny Depp stars as Danton in “The Social Contract”.

You know Avi Velshi, this could be the start of a beautiful reign of terror! In a Trumpian sort of Miserable Way. In Newsweek news: NAME CHECKS OUT, Benjamin.

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