Hey, Leonardo DiCaprio… ’member D.A.T. time when?

But F.O.ist,!
“Aún hay más”:

Hold on, Woman

Hold on, woman… aún hay más .:. ED965AB7-68C6-4104-BC54-9686916403EE .:. and if you are a Jacobo Zabludovski (intern), you know what Raul Velasco did to Cepillin’s “Kid”.

Deer, Cousin Joe, please stop getting in the way of Mika’s call for cease-fire. You have been warned… fire-for-effect follows:

The band played as the Ship went down

The band played as the Ship went down .:. DB21568F-FC00-48A5-A2CD-BA26D4B24B4D

Back to you Leonardo… and don’t worry, Sir, we ain’t gonna fuck with the Three Caballeros right now, we’ll just focus on the motherfucking iceberg ahead.

And in Washington:

Hydro treated

In Washington, after setting the economic moat around Melania’s rose garden, Stephen Miller went ahead and treated the The White House up-lift (manita de gato) with imported Javel —from SHYNA!— and then, Stephen Miller (that po’misguided Jewish aid) cured the processed paint with chemlights®️; why just look at them White House columns behind the AP man with the inception emOji of the volcano smacked right on target on his fOken fOrehead, the blue is scientific proof that Stephen Miller’s Hydroxicloroquine compound is fighting the invasion of the They, in this particular frame, the Stephen Miller reactionary bubbles are fighting the threads of his racists origins… Synopsis: “Mein Kampf”  meetsAMERICAN HISTORY X”… if Ed Norton was Stephen Miller, off-course.

By the way: please bee advised that Hoy No Hubo Jazz en La Maison de l’Amérique latine at Blvd. Saint Germaine-des-Pres.



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