Hey, Jimmy vAxios… It’s only a once in a lifetime pandemic if?

— Answer: you have to go to 🦵🏻land, or “Thighland” to find out, because you would have to survive the pandemic first, to call, IT!, a once in century plague… or, you can just follow the yellow brick Kool Aid Route to Guyana Park and chill for life… in an ISO-2020 Lavadora Cardboard Box, made in Fhucket, of course.

The Secret D.A.T. the holiday mattress weekend sale industry doesn't want you to know

The Secret D.A.T. the holiday mattress weekend sale industry doesn’t want you to know .:. 9B4AE018-5267-4443-8E38-191A76B5173F ⚰️ Donald John Trump has the details, from Baby Jesus himself, —no less.

STILL to come:
Kayleigh McEnany on Top of Spaghetti with Musical guest: Republican and independent Immigrants… Commies bee damned!!!

Sadly, for all of the Jazz lovin’ crowd, hoy no hubo Jazz, a 50-Foot Claire stomped on, IT!, as she tried to do the Twist. It’s a slow start to weekend edition, but we’ll get D.A.R.E., give u.s. a New York Mile and öüï’ll Iron Out the Soul out them ol’Brown Soles.

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Previously on The Beat

Previously on The Beat…  The Claire clones were being drilled* by an Officer maker and a gentlemen shaper. It’s the End of The world, but not before getting a pint at the Last Bar Before The End of this Beat

* Foley Fire Eater Club:
https ://imdb .com /title /tt0084434/

Moving on…

Deer, Alicia Menendez, please relay to the Purple Pundit D.A.T.: D.A.R.E. is a fake P.I.N.T.O. beaner on the frames, and young lady, you are missing a flower on that Cuba Libre noggin of yours, wait one so D.A.T. staff can fix, IT!, for you.

Shoulder pads???

Shoulder pads??? .:. 2173E828-05D3-4B92-B1EB-492F836EF068 .::. Öüï don’t knead no stinkin’ shoulderpads!

But F.O.ist, it’s Breaking The Ashleys with Bash.

Page 1:
The country that brought the world the annoying “win win situation” is now re-framing that notion into a lose–lose scenario. And no, it is not Vladimir Putin’s fault but it sure does help his Russian “investment” in Caracas, Venezuela. Reports from Russian Wires and propaganda outreach from the Rose Garden relay that the “me me” doctrine is in full implosion mode.

Sunday funnies draft:
Weren’t you fired?
… [a]nd James CarVile said to that other guy on Crossfire, or something like that:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/08/07 /festival-reflexiona-sobre-la-traduccion-traicion-o-revelacion -534.html

Ya la vistes?

¿Ya la vistes?… [A] talking monkey pries away a pistol from The National Rifle Association’s most famous propagandist. .:. 81DA7476-8124-48C9-9018-D377603BF5FA 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 En México: Expertos reflexionan sobre la traducción, ¿traición o revelación?

Don’t be silly, I was in a wealthier neighborhood campaigning for Sarah Palin for V.P..

Cutline: a rare snapshot of James Carvile in a well lit tea room. Sources close to Bengala say that once in a sturgeon moon, even the creatures of the deep need a ray of light… and Madge said: what?

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