Honestly, Avi Velshi… you sewage diver you!

Yes, it’s true, Avi Velshi, Eye did not think that you’d make it without The Steph, but D.A.R.E you are, translating neurological gobbledygook, in Greek! No Less.

Happy B-Day, Dj .:. AAA664EF-B7FD-4025-AFDE-D66E123BCE50 .::. What a time to be alive.

https ://sciencebusiness .net /covid-19 /news /sewage-could-be-early-warning-system-covid-19

Anyhow, Avi Velshi, it was a beautiful Sunset last night, right now it’s the top of the 21 hundred hours in Hilo, Hawaii which means that the 11th hour re-run at 10h in CET is about to give the final farewell to a walker that is already in another dimension… Herman Cain on the other hand has been put on latrine detail; he will be monitoring the health of the crew by sampling stool and urine samples.

And, oh my PJ Harveys! Stephanie Rhule is not only phoning them in, La Pundita is now ranting about the historic Drop in one of those graphs that measure a nation’s ability to produce outputs, or something like that, in Chemise de Nuit and a blurry background! The way things are going Steph is going to grow a beard and sing “give peas a chance” from the New Amsterdam Hilton… wear a Bra! You hippie!

The Exception to the Ruhle

The Exception to the Ruhle .:. CCF88275-0EFA-4C40-8B46-A2D6EEC9295C 🚀 Let’s not forget that the last time that a pundit (two-each) wore pajamas to the set, a man in sheets (David Duke) got a warm fuzzy after the Election of 2016. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Mika Brzezinski, the most frustrating thing in the world, among others right now, off-course, is being 17 years of age in an election year that is going to determine the future of future elections, in the future.


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