“Hay en donde se paro el águila parientes de Hernan colón”

—No que no—

Qué bonito es Chihuahua

🎶 Qué bonito es Chihuahua… hiel gran Ganado, “cara blanca” de chihuahuita—qué bonito es Chihuahua.

… hay jijos de la llorona,
hay jijos de “Shayne” Dos!

No Habrá Final Feliz
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/07/22 /REGRESA-A-LAS-ANDADAS-EL-DETECTIVE-HECTOR-BELASCOARAN-SHAYNE -6840 .html

Meanwhile north of El Río Bravo, well, north of Matamoros no pasa nada.

That’s the new philosophy of the Trump administration following the visit of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current president south of the Rio Grande river… it is tautologically stupid but that’s the name of that ‘little charco’.

One thing is for sure, Saint David Ignatius de Los WaPos, America sin acento is most definitely starting to look like América con cedilla given the NEW Junta-style tactics in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, from Chicago, where Donald John Trump is planning on doing his both “necesidades” is up next after the “little green gremlins” on The MorJo Show, if you need help learning about La Ciudad de las dos necesidades, just ask a Mexican for directions; it is usually “al fondo a la DERECHA”.

After the break, Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya.

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