“Hay en donde se paro el águila parientes de Hernan colón”

—No que no—

Qué bonito es Chihuahua

🎶 Qué bonito es Chihuahua… hiel gran Ganado, “cara blanca” de chihuahuita—qué bonito es Chihuahua.

… hay jijos de la llorona,
hay jijos de “Shayne” Dos!

No Habrá Final Feliz
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/07/22 /REGRESA-A-LAS-ANDADAS-EL-DETECTIVE-HECTOR-BELASCOARAN-SHAYNE -6840 .html

Meanwhile north of El Río Bravo, well, north of Matamoros no pasa nada.

That’s the new philosophy of the Trump administration following the visit of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current president south of the Rio Grande river… it is tautologically stupid but that’s the name of that ‘little charco’.

One thing is for sure, Saint David Ignatius de Los WaPos, America sin acento is most definitely starting to look like América con cedilla given the NEW Junta-style tactics in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, from Chicago, where Donald John Trump is planning on doing his both “necesidades” is up next after the “little green gremlins” on The MorJo Show, if you need help learning about La Ciudad de las dos necesidades, just ask a Mexican for directions; it is usually “al fondo a la DERECHA”.

After the break, Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya.

You forgot the Mirror and froggy’s upside down head

El Grillo, El ratón, John Wayne y el río… musical Guest: Stan Getz; Ewe get it?

But first a word from our non-Sponsors:
The New York Times, Op-Ed page.

El grillo y los nopales de Mickey… Issy, don Grillo wait for it, wait…


Dear, David Icke — part iii Swineshifters

In other news… U2 ditches the “hits” and return to the Arenas with a set of  “struggle songs”… according to The New York Times, and if The NYT says so, it must be like when TELEVISA sets up a stage… context follows, right now our sails are set for the Isle of Æolus, remember Aeolus, Jupiter in Greece made him Keeper of the Winds, man!… and remember how one of the first things that Donald declared to the world was that he was ushering in the Age of Aquarius? Well, as every good Siren knows, the Element that Aquarius rides on is the Wind, man! The Wind! Can you dig the Wind, Che?

Piss Art — Mermafrodito (NEGATIVE Stain Image). }-—-~~~\*>  Stains by a bunch of parisian Winos, asphalt by la Mairie de Paris, Snapshot by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018 — Copyleft!

En México dice doña Tatiana Clouthier
que al Busto de don Beno, en el billete Cincuentón
el viento ni siquiera lo despeinó
lo que los conservadores y el clero d’ese periodo no sabían
era de que el “look” del Busto de don Beno
estaba bien afianzado con ungüento de baba de vaca
y por supuesto:
La Baba de Nopal de La UNAM
no del Instituto Politécnico Nacional

… anygüey, doña Tati, once again please extend our salutations to Paco Taibo Jr., and; might we [the staff] place an ad reminding you that through Tijuana, the 21 hundred hours are crossing over to San Clemente and rollin’ right down to Escondido, you see doña Tati, the staff knows for a fact that an Arrogant Bastard®️ is fermenting there,

Lo bueno d’este inconsecuente blog, es de que la empresa política, perjumada y ajuarada de distintos titulos nobiliarios… perdón, perdón, se nos trabaron las teclas, ejem! va de nuez:

A ver, Miss Story (no confundir con “Miss Tory”, esa fresa es de Cambridge, o de Oxford, o sepa la verga de cuál Academia de la Lagartija Real Unida… o algo así; anygüey) Miss Tory, ¿cuál POTAMI prefiere usted, el POTAMI Grande, o el POTAMOI Bravo—eh? ¿cuál POTAMOI?

Lo bueno d’este inconsecuente blog, es de que la empresa política, perjumada y ajuarada con distintos titulos academicos y doctorados, mejor conocida como los ‘Ackerman’ no lo leen, y menos doña Irma ni su hermanito de Yale, o de Princeton, o algún lugar d’esos que tal parece puede ser IGUAL de PERJUDICANTE para un estudiante mexicano como la otrora ESCUELA DE LAS AMERICAS, en Ft. Bening lo fue para los estudiantes de sud América, eh!

En Tijuana ya son las 23 horas y faltán 8 días para un debate presidencial, ummm, Grande o Bravo, ¿a cuales paladares irá a satisfacer ese encierro, eh?



Encierro: a concept in  TAUROMAQUÍA that consists of “The Running of The Bulls” from their natural habitat ( like say La Ciudad de México) to the TORILES en El COSO (por ejemplo, Raquelito, on msnbc, the debate podiums in Tee–Jay, eh!).

Las Fuentes de don Grillo and other Tales of “The Returns” (de Florence Cassez; courtesy of TELEVISA’s stage fuck up, Le Pôle-Emploi shelter, and Mme. Theuriau Mélissa [one-each] spotlight).

1.Grillo, I., “Fake news crosses the Rio Grande“. The New York Times. Uploaded to the Opinion Web pages of the NYT on May 3, 2018; printed on The International Edition for the Weekend of Cinco de Mayo)… https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/03/opinion/fake-news-mexico-election.html

did you say Opinion? How’bout una pequeña digresión about a trembling mermaid and the “legitimate” news network that Ewe call: Televisa, eh? Just give us [the staff] a minute for we need to shake these tiny purple fishes that are running through our fingers*, and we’ll de-frame your 2nd and 14th paragraphs, where there seems to either be a bit of cognitve dissonance or una pizca de chayote cognado, because first Ewe identify Televisa as the “leading LEGITIMATE news network,” (in the Hades underworld, maybe), and then you go on to close your contributed opinion with,


No Shit, Grillo [by the way, Ioan, perfect last name to write about Mexican politics, pinche grillo] who do you think provided the propaganda for those 20 years that you correctly identified before closing with “the obstacle in the way,” of those who are trying to make of México a decent member of the OCDE.

Coming Up, on the pages of The New York Times? I.E.:

*. That’s a Cream reference, Grillo;
Ewe may find it on their album:
Derailleur Gears, Side 2, Track 1.

2. Goma de nopal: https://www.slideshare.net/yolikotany/proyecto-pegamento-a-base-de-baba-de-nopal